Ivalon Ophthalmic®

IVALON® Ophthalmic Products

IVALON® Ophthalmic products are constructed using a highly absorbent, unique hydroxylated polyvinyl acetal (PVAc) sponge. Several densities of sponge are available to meet the demands of a variety of ophthalmic procedures. Certain products are configured using an extremely soft, pliable sponge while others possess a more dense material that allows the surgeon to push or paint delicate tissue.

IVALON® Ophthalmic products meet the demanding requirements for use in LASIK and refractive surgery. Each product provides a unique combination of lint and fiber-free characteristics with fast wicking and exceptional fluid absorption to enhance surgical outcomes.

  • Soft, highly absorbent, and fast wicking
  • Clean, lint and fiber-free

IVALON®‘s LASIK eye sponges are the only products manufactured using a proprietary cleaning process that removes microscopic debris and particles. This feature benefits the surgeon and patient by greatly reducing complications associated with introduction of particles and debris into corneal procedures.

Cellulose Surgical Spears
Corneal Light Shield


Eye Drains
Knife Cleaning Block
LASIK Eye Sponge


Wipe and Eye Wick


Ophthalmic Rings
PVA Surgical Spears