Neurological Sponges

Latex-Free FABCO neurological sponges (neuros) provide soft, gentle protection and absorbency for the body’s most delicate tissues. They are especially designed for rapid wicking, softness and pliability.


  • Allows atraumatic placement on delicate tissue while conforming to the tissue’s surface contours
  • High porosity allows safe suction through the sponge
  • Manufactured from 100% rayon fibers
  • Precision cut to provide smooth edges and reduce linting
  • X-ray detectable element and locating string (for patties) placement on the same side makes one side completely smooth

Neurological sponges are available as both patties (various length and width combinations with a locating string) and as strips (various widths with a 6″ length). Both neuro patties and neuro strips have an X-ray detectable element.

neuropattiesSMNeuro Patties neurostripsSMNeuro Strips