Kittner (“K”) Dissector Sponges

Kittner (“K”) Dissector Sponges … X-ray detectable, sterile

Kittner (“K”) dissector sponges are tightly wound strips that are available in 100% polyester or cotton. Kittners are known for a harder character with the cotton Kittner tending to be softer than the polyester version. Both the cotton and polyester versions have excellent dissection qualities without the open mesh of gauze.

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Description Number
per Box
31001010 Auto-Count® Sponges – Kittner
Polyester – Sonically Sewn – 1/4″ x 5/8″ (5 mm x 15.9 mm)
5 /Foam Holder, 1 Holder/Pouch, 100 Pouches/Box