Tape strung, fiber-filled

Tonsil Sponges … X-ray detectable, tape-strung, fiber-filled

Tonsil Sponges are gauze covered, fiber filled, ball shaped sponges. They are especially designed for prepping and sponging in deep cavities having minimal openings.

  • USP Type III cotton, 28×24-mesh gauze outer layer with an X-ray element
  • LATEX-FREE construction
  • Available in cotton fill and gauze fill, unstrung, string strung, and tape strung to suit the surgeon’s desires
  • X-ray element is fully encased between the outer layer of gauze and the inner fill making it secure and visible
  • Strung tonsils are provided on an accountability card of five sponges ensuring accuracy of sponge counts
  • Accountability cards have a self-adhesive backing allowing the card to be adhered to the Mayo stand drape


tonsil-sponges-tape-strung-fiber-filled          nolatex



Description Number
per Case
34137111 1″ (25.4 mm) – Medium – Fiber Filled – Tape Strung
5 /Card, 100 Cards/Case
34138111 1-1/2″ (38.1 mm) – Large – Fiber Filled – Tape Strung
5 /Card, 100 Cards/Case