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伊瓦隆® 眼科

IVALON ®眼科产品

IVALON ®眼科产品采用高吸水性、独特的羟基化聚乙烯醇缩醛 (PVAc) 海绵制成。 有多种密度的海绵可供选择,以满足各种眼科手术的需求。 某些产品使用极其柔软、柔韧的海绵配置,而其他产品则拥有更致密的材料,允许外科医生推动或涂抹脆弱的组织。

IVALON ®眼科产品满足用于 LASIK 和屈光手术的苛刻要求。 每种产品都提供独特的棉绒和无纤维特性组合,具有快速芯吸和出色的液体吸收能力,可提高手术效果。

  • 柔软、高吸水性和快速吸湿排汗
  • 干净、不起毛、不含纤维

IVALON ®的 LASIK眼部海绵是唯一采用专有清洁工艺制造的产品,可去除微小碎屑和颗粒。 该特征通过大大减少与将颗粒和碎屑引入角膜手术相关的并发症而使外科医生和患者受益。

Knife Cleaning Block

Knife Cleaning Block Ivalon® Knife Cleaning Blocks are constructed of PVAc. Characteristics Fiber-free construction will not introduce lint onto instruments Continuous cell structure will not snag

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Cellulose Surgical Spears

Cellulose Surgical Spears IVALON® Cellulose Surgical Spears are constructed of the finest compressed cellulose sponge material securely molded to a polypropylene handle. IFU Documentation Surgical

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LASIK Eye Sponge

LASIK Eye Sponge IVALON® LASIK Eye Sponges are especially designed to meet the demanding requirements of LASIK and refractive surgery. They are constructed of a dense PVAc

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PVA Surgical Spears

PVA Surgical Spears IVALON® PVA Surgical Spears are constructed of PVAc. Characteristics Ideal for microsurgical procedures Fiber-free construction will not introduce lint into the surgical site Easily

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Ophthalmic Rings

Ophthalmic Rings IVALON® Ophthalmic Rings are constructed of PVAc. Keeps topical anesthesia in contact with the eye during surgery IFU Documentation Ophthalmic Rings Catalog Number Q604007 Description

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Wipe and Eye Wick

Wipe And Eye Wick IVALON® Wipe and Eye Wicks are constructed of PVAc Characteristics 100% lint and fiber-free Removable eye wick attached. IFU Documentation Wipe and Eye

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Eye Drains

Eye Drains IVALON® Eye Drains are constructed of PVAc. Characteristics Fast wicking sponge continuously wicks fluids from the surgical site Adhesive-backed fluid collection bag ensures proper placement

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Corneal Light Shields

Corneal Light Shields IVALON® Corneal Light Shields are constructed of PVAc. Characteristics Hydrophilic sponge retains moisture on the cornea 1 mm thick Smaller pore size

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