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X-ray detectible, sterile

Gauze Sponge … X-ray detectable, sterile

Fabco® Gauze Sponges are machine made from USP Type VII woven gauze. Fabco® gauze is tested for Pyronema domesticum and requires no radiation pre-treatment that would degrade the cotton. Gauze sponges are used in most general medical and surgical applications. Uses include prepping, wound cleansing, fluid absorption, and post-operative dressings.

  • X-ray detectable element is inserted for safety
  • Packaged in a sterile Tyvek® peel pouch in 10 sponges/pouch set-ups for surgical procedure accountability
  • The 2 X 2 – 12 Ply product is CSR-wrapped in bundles of 10 within the Tyvek® peel pouch for presentation to the sterile field
  • 12 ply to meet normal absorbency requirements.

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  • 2 x 2 – 12 ply (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm x 12 plies)
  • CSR-wrapped
  • 10 /Pouch, 50 Pouches/Box

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